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Our names are Mingles and Stingray. Our game is flirting, fun, and nudity. We have been a nudists for about 6 years and we were in the Lifestyle for about 20 years. We are also Rennies. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, we enjoy Renaissance Festivals.

In the starting days of this blog, Covid 19 had set in. Regardless of your political affiliations, the world was cally whompass to say the least. Many people working from home, losing their jobs completely, or just had no where to go to enjoy their “me” time. The most important thing it taught us: perspective.

So we set out to blaze a new path. We rented out our house, replaced our old RV with a new one and decided to travel the world, starting with the states. We’re going to share with you, the places we’ve been, what we have experienced and what you can expect\not expect. Reviewing everything from Nudist camping (Naked camp), beaches, resorts, ren fairs and everything in between. Let’s do this!


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Beautiful One Day, Perfect The Next.