Natural Pines Resort

Natural Pines Resort

We arrived rather late, later than we intended. 

The bridge was out between the town of Memphis and the resort.  We had to take a detour that took us down some unsavory roads, which included gravel and low trees.  It also added an additional 30 minutes to our drive.  Rhonda, one of the owners, was very gracious to stay up for us and let us in at 10:30 at night.  The gate is not motorized, so they have to manually let folks in and they lock the gate at night.  Hope there are no fires. We drove straight into our site, 302, and did our check in the next morning.

There really isn’t much to do during the week so we ventured into town to get some groceries and stock up for the weekend.  We asked Rhonda where the nearest store was and she stated the Mennonites store in Cantril, IA.  So off we went.  The store is actually called Dutchmen’s and is run by Mennonites.  Lots of locally grown produce.  It also carries clothing and hardware needs specifically for the area.  They close at 6:00 pm so hurry.

After our trip to Dutchmans, which had no alcohol, we ventured to a little town called Bloomfield to supply our needs for the weekend. We stopped at a local bar, Slicks, and met some fine locals as well as Chris and Amy Miller, the owners.  We sampled some Prime Rib and Meatballs from Big Slim! YUMMMMMMMY!  It’s back to NPR!

The facilities are “laid back” in comparison to what we have encountered previously.  They have an above ground pool which was clean and refreshing. For the size of this camp, the pool “fits”

The pond is gorgeous and stocked full of catfish. You are allowed to fish, however, do not fish from the damned side as textured folks are able to see you from the road. There is also a little paddle boat. An excursion may be in my immediate future.

Feeding the fish

We had a concert night.  Pulled out the projector and put on some Garth Brooks.  Seemed appropriate for the area, I’m not sure Five Finger Death Punch would have been these folks “cup of tea”.  The view of the moon with the concert was amazing.

The Sunset over the pond was stunning!

There are no permanent residents here but there are many season pass holders.  They are open from April until October at which time they turn it into a hunting lease and then promote it on social media with the help of agencies like The Marketing Heaven……Smart idea!

They have 3 of what we like to call “Bed in a box” cabins. There’s a bed and A\C, that’s it. For showering\restroom needs, there are facilities in the commons building. There is also a large one bedroom cabin, and a smaller one as well. And let’s not forget the tent, very charming.

They had many “fun” items to choose from as well, on the “something to do” list.

The cost was about average for the location at $65 per night.

Guest Review


Beautiful One Day, Perfect The Next.